Family Orientation

There is not a concurrent Family Orientation program that coincides with the August student program. We encourage BSU families to stay connect & informed of important resources and dates.

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Welcome to the Bridgewater State University Community! We are looking forward to your arrival on campus.

The Family Orientation program provides family members of new incoming Bridgewater State University students the opportunity to learn more about the Bridgewater State University student experience. Family members will have the opportunity to attend sessions on topics such as academic support, community standards, housing, billing and payment, financial aid, campus safety and  more. Family Orientation is a great way to learn more about the college and connect with other families.

Family members who attend the Family Orientation Program will:

  • Feel welcomed!
  • Attend information sessions to learn about campus resources and services
  • Explore their shifting role and how it relates to communicating with their student and student privacy laws (FERPA/HIPPA)
  • Be informed about academic support services
  • Learn about resources available them in supporting their student’s success
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions
  • Leave feeling their student made the right choice to attend BSU!

There are a total of 6 sessions offered in the month of June. Family Orientation takes place on the first day of each new student orientation program. More information about the schedule will be available by May 1. You can plan on the day beginning between 8-9 am and concluding by 5 pm.

The dates for Family Orientation are:

Dates for June 2016 will be posted in March

To register for the Family Orientation program please click on this link: Registration Closed

. There is a  per person fee associated with the day long program.


5 thoughts on “Family Orientation

    • There will be an opportunity at the end of the day for families to tour the campus. There will also be other options the families can choose from like visitng different departments or visiting the campus bookstore!

  1. i registered back in April for the June 11th family orientation, but haven’t received any info as far as where to check-in, check-in time, Etc.

  2. I forgot to get a copy of the book you were giving to parents at the end of the day. Is there another way to get a copy?

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