New Student Orientation

Congratulations and welcome to Bridgewater State University!

Your journey begins here…

As you begin the next juncture of your life, we are excited to have you join the Bridgewater State University community. While orientation is a required part of every new student’s career, many years of experience have shown us that this program plays an essential role in your success as a Bridgewater State University student. We are working hard to offer you a program that is informative, engaging and even FUN. Through Orientation, you will be able to understand your roles and responsibilities as a member of our energetic and challenging academic community.

Our goals for the program include providing you with an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor and register for your semester courses. In addition, we hope to help you to acclimate to the campus as well as build relationships that will last throughout your college career. Finally, we hope to introduce you to campus life and all of the resources that Bridgewater State University has to offer.

The Orientation Programs are designed to help students:

  • familiarize themselves with key campus services and resources that are available to them.
  • engage in discussions and activities that assist with the transition to college life.
  • foster a desire for academic success.
  • learn about their academic program as well as academic policies and procedures.
  • navigate the online registration process which is part of the college’s InfoBear system.
  • build upon relationships established during the Orientation program and have the opportunity to further develop relationships with faculty, staff, and other new students.
  • learn about in-class and out-of-class involvement opportunities.

4 thoughts on “New Student Orientation

    • First Year Orientation dates for 2015 are:
      Session 1: June 8-9 (Monday – Tuesday)
      Session 2: June 11-12 (Thursday – Friday)
      Session 3: June 15-16 (Monday – Tuesday)
      Session 4: June 18-19 (Thursday – Friday)
      Session 5: June 22-23 (Monday – Tuesday)
      Session 6: June 25-26 (Thursday – Friday)

    • Hello,

      If you are referring to Student Orientation, you were emailed a check list of items you needed to get done and within that email you were given a link to VZ. On this website you would register for Orientation. Before registering for Orientation a placement test also needs to be done. Please call us at 508-531-1840 if we can assist you any further.

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