First Year Student

First Year Undergraduate Student Orientation Program

Welcome to Bridgewater State University!
We are looking forward to your arrival on campus.

Orientation gives you the power to begin your college career on the right foot. We hope you take this opportunity to begin the process of making Bridgewater State University your own. Your Orientation Program is designed to give you the guidance you need in order to acquaint you with life at Bridgewater State University. All new students at Bridgewater State University are required to attend an Orientation Session, so make the best of this great resource!

Whether you will be a resident student or commuter student, you will enjoy meeting members of the Bridgewater State University community while participating in a wide range of First Year Student focused sessions. These will include academic sessions, a college classroom experience, campus resource presentations and opportunities to interact with other members of the freshman class as well as our Orientation Leaders.

College is a different experience from high school and we strive to help you understand how Bridgewater State University operates. Our program will allow you to become familiar with our campus, the campus services we provide as well as connect you with the proper resources for academic success. Orientation is a relaxed and fun environment to acclimate you to the Bridgewater State University campus.

Everyone at Bridgewater State University wants you to succeed and enjoy your experience. We have a lot of opportunities for you to meet the faculty, staff and new students that will be with you during your journey as a new student. We want to make sure you have a successful start to your first year at Bridgewater State University.

You will find a vast array of information on the following pages. Be sure to follow the different links below so that you can come to your Orientation session ready.

The First Year Student Orientation Program will include:

  • Introduction to Bridgewater State University
  • An Academic Overview
  • A Campus Tour
  • A meal in one of our many Dining Halls
  • Getting your CONNECT card
  • Advising Sessions with Academic Achievement Center Advisors
  • Campus Involvement Information Sessions
  • Social Activities
  • Great Connections!
  • FUN

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