How to Prepare

Transfer Transitions

How to Prepare for Transfer Transitions:
There are a few key items to take care of prior to attending the Transfer Transitions Program.

  • Be sure to send your deposit to Admissions.
  • Be sure to have all updated transcripts sent to Admissions.
  • Claim your BSU E-mail Account. Please refer to this link. WILL NEED THIS  TO COMPLETE THE TRANSFER PROCESS.  It will 24 hours after you claim your account to access it. 
  • Register for your orientation session online.
  • Complete the Online Orientation. This will take about 1 hour and will provide you information on how to access your Degree Evaluation.
  • Access your Degree Evaluation. This is a very important document that will guide you through the entire advising and registration process. It is best to familiarize yourself with this document. Please refer to the link under Related Links.
  • Register for your courses.
  • Register for your mandatory Advising Appointment.  If you require placement testing, be sure to register a time to test. If you are not sure if you do require placement testing, please refer to the Office of Admissions (508) 531-1237.
  • Be sure to have attended your advising appointment with the Academic Achievement Center.
  • Be sure to take the appropriate measures to ensure a full day of attendance for Transfer Transitions.

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